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canadian goose jacket WARNING: SMUT!!!! This is not for kids (But are any of my imagines tho?)Originally posted by fuckyeahumbrellaboyBeing Joker girlfriend wasn easy, but I loved it. I loved spending time with him, stand by his canada goose outlet vancouver side and feel special. He made me feel like I was one in a billion. canada goose clothing uk Even tho he could be scary and really crazy, I loved him. Most people feared Joker for his behaviour which was good, but I knew him better. We been canada goose outlet orlando together for just a few weeks, but it was enough. He was crazy and I was crazy, a perfect mixture for Gotham city. A crazy couple that likes to play with Batsy. We had a lot of fun, but then came the more goose jackets personal part. canadian goose jacket

canada goose store I was still a virgin. canada goose store

Canada Goose Parka The fact had made me nervous and to be honest I was scared. Joker wasn a gentle canada goose shop uk man, he was more dominating. I knew he had a rough grip so I was stressed about when the time would come. I was mentally ready, but I was just scared as heck. My old friends had told canada goose coats uk me that they were in pain, that it stung and some of them even bled. Knowing Joker he wouldn be any gentler than an ordinary guy, perhaps he was worse. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose uk black friday Damn he didn even know. I had always came up with an excuse like on my periods wounds I got from the heist hurt or tired, sorry when he tried to take kissing a step further. Now he probably suspected something, which was ok. I knew I should tell him. and he would come home anytime soon. I had been up all day as canada goose outlet seattle he was on a heist with Frost. I had stayed on purpose, trying to prepare myself. Joker was surprised when I a blood thirsty little monster didn come with him to kill a few people who didn pay him back. While he was gone from the luxurious penthouse, I was thinking. I canada goose outlet washington dc knew that I give him my virginity tonight. So I had taken a warm bath, I read loads of blogs where people talked about losing it. It was the same pain and blood kind of shit. But then I saw more positive posts. Some said that foreplay and lube could make it better. Also not everyone would bleed. So I felt a little better. canada goose uk black friday

buy canada goose jacket I sighed and grabbed my laptop. Then I sat down on our bed, on the dark canada goose factory outlet toronto location purple sheets and canada goose outlet in chicago I sat comfortably. Then I opened a tab and decided to do something I canada goose outlet boston didn do that often, but I felt like I had to. If Joker canada goose outlet vip would catch me, I be so embarrassed. I watched some more mature videos, canada goose sale uk yes porn. To be honest it was kinda hot and impressive how these people did all that. Maybe one day J could take me like that? Damn it canada goose outlet paypal was a thrilling thought. I got so lost in my thoughts by watching the video that I forgot to follow the time. The volume was quite high and a girl was moaning really heavily. I bet her moans were echoing through the house. I just watched keenly, slowly getting wet. buy canada goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk Then I heard footsteps coming closer loudly. My eyes widened and my breath hitched in my throat. Before I could sit up, Joker walked in with canada goose outlet online uk a gun in his hand. There was an angry look on his face. My heart jumped to my throat and I froze on the bed. He muttered and lowered the gun. Instead of being angry, he smirked. my kitten horny? He purred at me. He still had his silver jacket on. He probably thought that something was happening here so he just hurried to canada goose outlet uk me. A blush spread on my face and I shut the tab and then put the computer away. Way to go. cheap canada goose uk

uk canada goose outlet need to talk I cleared my throat and looked away from my canada goose discount uk boyfriend. It was really embarrassing to be caught watching porn. I love to talk Joker told me deeply canada goose jacket outlet uk and crawled in bed next to me. I noticed that I got tense. He grabbed my jaw and made me look at him. His usually ice blue eyes were dark and his pupils were bigger than normal. I wanted to tell him about my virginity, canada goose outlet toronto but I was so nervous that I didn make sense. I stopped stuttering when he put his fingers on my lips. you want me to fuck you? He asked me shamelessly. My eyes widened a bit and I felt like I was a heat lamp by now. Why was this so bad? uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Coats On Sale yes I whispered and watched how his smirk turned into a grin. Joker nodded and waited for me to tell him. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that it was ok. He should know. never done this before I spat it out shyly and expected him to laugh, but nope, he didn laugh. figured He replied calmly. I looked at him with surprise. Before I could ask him how, he kept going. always had an excuse kitten. You could have just canada goose outlet london told me He let me know and climbed above me. I looked into his eyes quietly. Joker sat on my hips, but he put most of his weight on his legs. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose coats I apologized for not telling him earlier. ok. But why didn you tell me kitten? Why He pried while taking off his silver jacket, revealing his red shirt that wasn buttoned. I saw his toned chest and to be honest I liked that sight. was scared I admitted, knowing that being honest with him was the best choice. Joker canada goose outlet belgium took off his shirt as well before he leaned closer to my face. were you scared? He purred quietly and cupped my face. I put my hands on his and took a deep breath, noticing how his scent of gunpowder and cologne calmed me down. J licked my skin and then started kissing me until he found my sweet spot. I whimpered,but muffled canada goose outlet miami it by biting my lips together. He wasn angry nor overly happy and cheerful. He seemed like he genuinely cared about my safety. But there was also that smirk there since he caught he watching that video. canada goose coats

canada goose coats on sale know I won hurt you right? He whispered into my ear. I licked my lips and closed my eyes for a while. you want me to He added darkly, but I knew what he meant with that. trust you J I let him know. All this got me hornier and I just wanted to get started. I felt impatient, but also shy and vulnerable. at me He demanded and so I opened my eyes. His face was right above mine. take care of canada goose factory outlet you. Why would I ever want to hurt my queen? He looked at me seriously, but he didn seem angry. I cracked a smile and it was canada goose outlet black friday sale enough for an answer. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap Then J pressed his red lips against mine. I relaxed into the kiss and shut my eyes again, kissing him harder. Joker opened his mouth a little so he could push his tongue out. canada goose uk site I gave him access to my mouth and then he started exploring me like never before. His hand travelled down on my body so he was cupping my right boob. I tensed as he touched me and of course he noticed. J pulled back and looked deep in my eyes. kitten He demanded canada goose outlet mall calmly. I nodded and took a deep breath. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose online Then he grabbed the hems of my black shirt that I was wearing and he dragged it up until I was shirtless. I watched as he threw the shirt away somewhere on the wooden floor. The cool air made contact on canada goose outlet usa my skin and I felt goosebumps rising. Then J got up, standing next to the bed. He unbuckled his belt and got out of his black jeans. I was wearing golden pajama shorts and black underwear. When I saw J in his boxers, I realized that this was real. He had a boner and man it looked huge. How could all that fit inside me? Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance sale did you think of when you watched it baby? He broke the silence and got on the bed again. I sat up next to him and sighed. Was it so obvious that I had been thinking of him? Of us doing those things? I replied shortly. J put his hands on my shorts and dragged them off, making me raise my legs so he could take them all the way off. Now we were both in our underwear only. I couldn help but to be nervous, but I was canada goose factory outlet vancouver getting really wet. baby. He growled with a smile and suddenly dragged me on his lap. I liked it. He unclasped them and I felt them hanging by the straps. He had never seen me buttnaked before, but I didn mind that he would now. Then he slid them off of me and threw them away as well. My nipples were hard and I knew he noticed. I mean, my boobs were nearly in his face. got really nice tits he smirked and cupped both of them. Then he gave them a squeeze, making me flinch because the sensitivity came so suddenly. know you like them because you always staring I chuckled and tried to feel comfortable. I wasn uncomfortable either, just nervous. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose black friday sale you touched yourself? J asked me seriously and then licked my left nipple. I bit my bottom lip and nearly moaned when he blew cold air on the spot before nibbling me with his teeth. He used his hand on the other one so I wouldn feel lonely. me He reminded me and kept going. As I opened my mouth to speak, he bit me a little harder, making me canada goose kensington parka uk moan. my girl, buy canada goose uk don hold it back He let me know more happily. tell me, have you ever touched yourself while thinking of us? He wanted to know very eagerly. It made me think of the few times I had done that. It had all been very recently. He was making me a horny canada goose outlet us mess. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance J mmh I whimpered, getting wet for him. Then I looked at my horny boyfriend who got a dangerous dark twist in those pretty eyes. dirty girl He rumbled deeply. Then he used his mouth on my other boob. I leaned closer to him so his face was hugging them. I wanted to get some friction, but I was patient enough. I knew that foreplay was important so it wouldn hurt so much. His warm hands squeezed my boobs a little harder, making me jump a little every time, but I liked the feeling. Suddenly he pinched both my nipples, making me gasp. need to punish you for being a canada goose outlet store uk naughty girl, but not tonight He warned canada goose outlet toronto address me and then moved his hands on my back, sliding them down until he clutched my bum. He did it to press our clothed crotches closer. Then he leaned back against the bedpost and attached his lips on my neck. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Outlet can feel how wet you are J admitted and grinded his hard on against me. My eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head from the unfamiliar touch, but the feeling it made. My clit was pulsing by canada goose outlet store quebec now because I was so eager for his touch. few hours I answered shortly, focusing on the small amount of friction that felt good already. Canada Goose Outlet

cheap Canada Goose maybe I won tease you too much now He thought out loud. Then he rolled us over so he was on top. I looked into his eyes and now it was my turn to smirk. must official canada goose outlet be tight in those boxers J I whispered and touched his back with my nail, canada goose outlet store near me gently tho. me, it is He growled and then pressed his crotch against mine again, way harder than earlier because he was on top now. As I was about to moan, he pressed those sweet lips of his against mine, making me moan into his mouth. He grabbed my hair with his left hand to keep me steady. The feeling of him dry humping me was so good after waiting so long. cheap Canada Goose

uk canada goose Then he let go of my lips, looking into my eyes silently for a while. He was probably finding it hard to keep control over his actions. hungry He let me know. At first I didn get it, but I was quick to catch on. J went down on me and soon he bit my last piece of clothing, my undies. I watched as he slid them off very slowly, keeping eye contact while teasing the hell out of me. I whined impatiently, but couldn help but to admit that it was hot. His hands touched my thighs and then moved closer again. He moved his eyes away from my eyes to look at my heat. I felt a little shy and embarrassed again. No one had ever been this close to me. I squeezed the bedsheets and waited for him to do something. I didn even realize that I was holding my breath until he told me. kitten, I make you feel good He promised me. I let out canada goose outlet 2015 a long breath and then encouraged him with a smile. daddy I begged him. Something twisted in his eyes and his grip got tighter, but I didn feel any pain. Then he licked my pussy slowly, from my clit to my opening. I gasped and then held my breath for a few seconds. J didn stop now. He kitten licked my wetness and then attached his mouth of my throbbing clit. I moaned loudly in pleasure. It didn hurt, yet. uk canada goose

Canada Goose Online J nibbled my clit with his teeth and made me arch my back. He put his right arm on my hips to keep me on place. baby you taste so good He complimented me and kept licking my clit. J I whimpered, wanting more. I wanted him to take me harder. It was probably because I was so horny. He had long and kinda thick fingers. I had never felt that before from anyone else than myself and I had smaller fingers. Canada Goose Online

canada goose factory sale I chewed my canada goose outlet mississauga bottom lip and whimpered as he started fingering me. It hurt a little, but it felt so good as well. Then I moved my hand to touch his arm he used to keep my hips down. J looked at my face to see if I was in any kind of discomfort. He wasn smiling and he had a dark look on his smug face, but I could tell he was both happy but worried. He truly cared about me. my kitten enjoy this? He purred and curled his long finger against me soft walls, hitting a spot that made me moan loudly. He noticed and kept pressing his finger against that magic spot. canada goose factory sale

canada goose uk shop I answered him and tried to buck my hips, but it was useless. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers while using his other hand to pleasure me. Once he pulled out his finger, he pushed back two. This time he had more difficulties getting both in smoothly. I gulped and realized that it hurt a little. J saw it on my face and he stopped. He reminded me and used his thumb to rub my clit. going I told him a little canada goose outlet store calgary unsurely. He listened to me and fingered me with two fingers, but he couldn get both fully in. My head leaned canada goose outlet store new york against the pillows and I squeezed his hand, but I still moaned out in canada goose outlet store montreal both pleasure and pain. Soon he managed to get both fingers in and he pressed the magic spot again canada goose uk shop.

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